These are our core objectives for a successful sale:
  • Expose your home to as many possible buyers as possible
  • Assist you in getting as many qualified offers as possible
  • Communicate to you the weekly results of our marketing activities
  • Provide you with accurate information to make an informed, intelligent decision
  • Assist you in negotiating the highest dollar value between you and the buyer
  • Personally assist and advise during any problems or complications
  • Successfully close the transaction and follow up with any administrative details
Why are you selling your home?

Everyone has a different reason for selling their home. We’ve worked with thousands of successful sellers and top real estate agents to create tailored guides and resources for selling a house in any circumstance.

I’m downsizing.

Need to take it down a notch? Exclusive tips and tricks from downsizing specialists help you make a smooth move from bonus rooms to humble abodes

I’m planning for retirement.

You’re in the home stretch! See how you can maximize the value of your home and put it to work towards your retirement.

I’m going through a divorce.

A host of helpful resources and expert guidance for selling your home in a divorce, straight from our network of real estate divorce specialists.

I inherited property.

Untangle the complexities of estate planning and manage the probate process with expert advice from top agents and attorneys.

I’m relocating for work.

Get chaos prevention tips for successfully balancing a family, a job, and a home sale from real estate agents that have been through it hundreds of times.

I’m flipping investment properties.

Flipping, investing, and short sales. Get all the advice you need to land big returns on your real estate investments, fast flip tear downs, and short sales.

Get the most money out of your house

We’ve got tools and comprehensive guides to teach you how to: figure out what your house is worth, get your house prepared for sale, spruce up your curb appeal, tackle home improvement projects, and manage the maintenance costs to keep your home in peak condition.

See what your home is worth.

Find out how much you could get for your house with the help of real estate agents who’ve price thousands and our free home value estimator.

Prepare your home for sale.

Declutter, depersonalize, and get your online listings in tip-top shape. Here’s how to get your house ready and give it the best shot to sell in today’s market.

Improve your curb appeal.

Lush greenery, fresh paint, pops of color—the best real estate agents in the country dish on the curb appeal upgrades that matter most to buyers.

Tackle home improvements.

Home value experts identify the big-time improvement projects that will add the most value to your home and which ones are worth nixing off your to-do list.

Manage your home's upkeep.

Top-performing real estate agents lend their advice on the types of home improvements you won’t regret, from simple weekend projects to major renovations.

Find ways to increase your property value.

Top-performing real estate agents lend their advice on the types of home improvements you won’t regret, from simple weekend projects to major renovations.

Stay on top of the housing market.

Keep your finger on the pulse of the housing market and the trends shaping the future of real estate with insights from top real estate agents in the field.

Market your house like a pro

Need a cutting edge real estate marketing strategy? Get the latest and greatest real estate marketing tips, glean insider information on how to work better with agents and contractors, read success stories from people who’ve been there before and get the best advice on everything from staging to open houses and home inspections.

Get the latest marketing tips.

Using jaw-dropping photography and virtual tours, the best real estate agents know exactly how to get buyers’ attention.

Work better with your agent.

Selling a house requires teamwork — you and your real estate agent need to stay in sync and collaborate to get the job done.

Work better with contractors.

Unfinished projects, jobs gone wrong. These are the reasons you don’t want to hire a bad contractor. Learn how to vet yours thoroughly before you commit.

Seek advice from America's top agents.

Exclusive interviews with the nation’s highest performing real estate agents reveal their go-to selling strategies that are proven to intrigue buyers.

Stage your home to impress.

Staging tips from the best interior decorators, professional home stagers, and top real estate agents that can turn your home into a beautiful showroom.

Host the best open houses.

Make your open house unforgettable, starting online and ending with buyer offers. Top performing agents spill their best tips for successfully showing a home.

Ace your home inspections.

Cruise through the home inspection with confidence. Top real estate agents and experienced home inspectors walk you through every step of the process.

Sign the contract and close the deal

There’s a lot of red tape when you sell your house. Let us guide you through all of the contracts, disclosures, and paperwork. Learn what to expect at your closing, get the best pricing strategies and negotiating tips, and don’t let the tax implications, home appraisal process, or all the packing scare you.

Price your home just right.

When pricing your home for sale, you don’t want to swing and miss. Learn how the best real estate agents price their homes to sell fast.

Field offers and negotiate like a pro.

Everything in real estate is negotiable. Find out how the pros close the deal, learn their tips and tricks, and don’t leave a dime on the table.

Cover the contracts, disclosures, and paperwork.

No need to read between the lines. Experienced real estate agents break down the nitty-gritty paperwork so you know exactly what you should be signing and when.

Check off the home appraisal.

Put your home in the best light for appraisals and keep your sale on track with expert advice from top real estate agents and certified appraisers.

Handle the closing.

It’s closing time and to get you through the final stretch, agents with the highest closing statistics share everything involved in the process.

Deal with finances and tax implications.

Hidden costs, capital gains, tax breaks—the experts are here to break it all down. Because buying a home is emotional. Selling one is about the money.

Move out and buy a new place.

Organization tips and packing hacks from the best real estate agents and moving pros. Plus, checklists and tools to tackle any moving challenge.